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"And whether or not it is clear to you, the universe is unfolding as it should."
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It’s still National Library Week. You should be especially nice to a librarian today, or tomorrow. Sometime this week, anyway. Probably the librarians would like tea. Or chocolates. Or a reliable source of funding.
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you don’t really want me
you just keep me hangin’ on

This was such a weird episode.

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  • S: You're back early.
  • N: I fucking forgot my fucking PIN and the barber shop I wanted to go to doesn't take goddamn credit cards so I have to get cash....bullshit....I am pissed. I am....*deep breath*....I am unreasonably pissed. The level of pissed that I am is inappropriate for the situation.
  • Em: Been there.
  • S: You live there.
  • N: But I am going to breathe deeply, collect some cash, and go back to get a haircut. Here I go.
  • M: Can we get a round of applause for Em NOT saying something like "I've been there but when I was there everybody assumed it had to do with a monthly chemical and hormonal imbalance and also the patriarchy and oppression?"
  • Em: Awww, you're LEARNING!




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Otter Realizes He Ate Way Too Much Fish

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[Zoorasia/Yokohama Zoological Gardens, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan]

This is how I feel after I eat Mexican food.

Agree: Megan is an idiot.


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